The World’s Strongest Investor/Founder Competition at the Slush 2013 startup conference establishes objective venture capital industry metrics

November 12, 2013. (Helsinki, Finland) –

Lifeline Ventures, an early stage investor in strong founders and disruptive technologies, organizes the 2nd World’s Strongest Founder/Investor Competition at Slush 2013, the leading startup conference in Europe and the Nordic countries.

“Strong founding teams and investors are essential for any startup company’s success, but we have been lacking objective metrics. This competition is fulfilling this obvious need of startup ecosystems worldwide”, comments Timo Ahopelto, Founding Partner at Lifeline Ventures. 

The World’s Strongest Founder/Investor Competition is open for founders and investors at the Lifeline Ventures Weight Lifting Pavillion at Slush 2013. The strength is measured with the combined maximum bench press and dead lift performance.

“This is the only truly objective metric of any startup founder’s or investor’s strength in our industry”, adds Petteri Koponen, Founding Partner at Lifeline Ventures.

Last year’s competition was attended by several founders and investors around the world, including Aydin Senkut of Felicis Ventures and Sean Seton-Rogers of PROfounders Capital. This year, the competition also pilots The World’s Strongest Politician series, where Ambassador Bruce J. Oreck fascinated the audience with his 130kg bench presses in 2012.

Video: Ambassador Bruce J. Oreck bench press. Petteri Koponen (left) and Timo Ahopelto (right) of Lifeline Ventures securing.

About Lifeline Ventures

At Lifeline Ventures, we invest in strong founders in sectors we know by heart from our experience as entrepreneurs. Due to our background, we often start working with founders before they have launched their first product. Our goal is to be the first person the entrepreneur reaches out to in times of trouble and joy. So far, we have invested in category-leading companies such as Airstone Labs, Applifier, ArcDia, Grand Cru Games, NonStop Games, Moves app, Supercell, Valkee bright light headset and ZenRobotics. More information online at

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