Our early stage Lifeline Ventures fund grows to € 30 million


During the last three years, we have with Petteri invested in ~ 30 companies from casual games startups to oncology biotechs. It seems like a broad range, but all these companies have two things in common: they have superfounders and are re-defining their target markets.

We typically invest when a new startup is founded. It is very early. These ~ 30 amazing founder teams have raised over € 170 million in follow-on funding.

Our total fund size is now € 30 million (previously announced € 20 million) which ensures firepower but enables us to be nimble at the same time. Our own investors include FoF Growth, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Finnish Industry Investment, Sitra, Norvestia, Veraventure, Troll Ventures, Juuranto Invest – plus we founders put in our own money.

Some quotes from our official press release:

Kevin Comolli, Partner at Accel Partners in London

Timo and Petteri have found an excellent model for working closely with talented, local founders and international investors. They have carved themselves an interesting position in the European startup scene. They are a very important co-investor relationship for us and we enjoy working together with them.

Riitta Jääskeläinen, Investment Director at Finnish Industry Investment Ltd

Lifeline Ventures has developed an interesting new model in venture capital. With their agile model and being entrepreneurs themselves, they are able to effectively work with next-generation founder teams.

Fredrik Kekäläinen, Co-founder and CEO at Enevo Ltd:
I enjoy working with the Lifeline guys. They understand entrepreneurs.

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